Miguel Antonio Roco 

Chairman of the Committee

Architect, Chilean, Master’s in Project Didactics and Doctor © in Architecture and Urbanism

He is currently the Director of the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Geography of the University of Concepcion.

He has worked as an academic in undergraduate and postgraduate programs at different universities in Chile and carried out research in the areas of Didactics of the architecture project, the use of the Portfolio to improve the processes of disciplinary training in the architecture workshop and the implementation of Information and communication technologies for the construction of learning in architecture, with publications and participation in networks and national and international congresses of the specialty.

He has been a consultant in curricular change processes for architectural careers in Chile, President of Peer Review Committees for Accrediting Processes of Architecture of Chilean Universities and Counselor of Accreditation Agencies, before the National Accreditation Commission (CNA).